Coffins and Keyholes (Pompeii, Italy)

I wasthe girl of the chain letter,the girl full of talk of coffins and keyholes,the one of the telephone bills,the wrinkled photo and the lost connections. Anne Sexton When I was in middle school, one of my favorite things to do during breaks and the lunch hour was to walk around and ask people pseudo-psychologicalContinue reading “Coffins and Keyholes (Pompeii, Italy)”

Bridging the Gap (Memphis, TN)

These days, it’s hard for me to consider a photo shoot complete without indulging my lines, light, and shadow obsession. Sometimes that requires an impractical amount of intentional wandering, at just the right time of day to try to catch the sun falling in just the right direction behind bizarre ordinary objects (benches are myContinue reading “Bridging the Gap (Memphis, TN)”

Johnson v. Lucifer (Clarksdale, MS)

A young man suffers an incredible loss – his wife and child died in childbirth — and decides to hide away from the world for a few years, pouring his anguish into his music. He emerges back into the public eye, sharing his hard-earned gift as an incredible guitar player and his Delta Blues music.Continue reading “Johnson v. Lucifer (Clarksdale, MS)”

Streaky Streets (Clarksdale, MS)

When I took this photo, I didn’t have much of a clue about what I was doing. I’ve never taken a class in photography. I’ve always been drawn to it — I enjoy being behind the lens much more than being in front of it — but I never bothered to study the “correct” wayContinue reading “Streaky Streets (Clarksdale, MS)”

Waterfront Wandering (Elizabeth City, NC)

This was taken on the first day of my last extensive road trip. We called it our Super Summer Southern Sizzler Tour (inspired by our local musician friends — they named their tours, and doggonit, so could we). After spending a relaxing week at a beach house with several other couples in the Outer Banks,Continue reading “Waterfront Wandering (Elizabeth City, NC)”

Light Here, Shadow There (Chelsea, MI)

I struggle a bit with the whole selfie thing. A desire to get myself “in the shot” conflicting with a desire to avoid being overly self-absorbed, or worse, ruining the shot with my weird-looking mug. There was a time in my life when I was unapologetic about taking pictures of myself everywhere I went, largelyContinue reading “Light Here, Shadow There (Chelsea, MI)”

Beyond Tombstones (Chelsea, MI)

We might as well get it out in the open: Death, and the many ways sentient beings coexist with it, is one of my very favorite topics. Right up there with faith, sex, and cognitive biases, these are conversation gifts that keep on giving. How do I love this topic? Let me count the ways!Continue reading “Beyond Tombstones (Chelsea, MI)”

Photography Growing Pains (Chelsea, MI)

I’ve been told that my photography isn’t for everyone. That, in fact, nobody’s photography is for everyone. In general, I typically have a lot going on in my frame. This “busy” nature of my photos does not necessarily have a wide appeal, but it appeals to me, and a handful of other folks who dropContinue reading “Photography Growing Pains (Chelsea, MI)”

The Chair (Chelsea, MI)

One of my favorite aspects of street photography in the suburbs is the neighborhoods themselves are full of character. You can usually count on at least a few houses where the residents see their front yard as a place to express themselves: their beliefs, their ideas about beauty, and — well, their oddness. It’s theContinue reading “The Chair (Chelsea, MI)”