Weird Sites in Rome, Take Nine

We ventured on a long walk to the Colosseum, the final half-mile or so of which was all on the same stretch of road. There were large signs everywhere, pointing the way. But to be fair, the signs weren’t needed — we simply followed the crowd who all had the same idea as we did.Continue reading “Weird Sites in Rome, Take Nine”

Weird Sites in Rome, Take Eight

The ceiling is falling! The ceiling is falling! At the very least – the ceiling is perplexing! I can’t quite wrap my brain around this particular design choice (although I find the 3D effect of this photo super fun). Perhaps it’s symbolic of the powers-that-be looming over you, lingeringly, able to crush you at aContinue reading “Weird Sites in Rome, Take Eight”

Unnecessary Steps (Rome, Italy)

We wandered through so many random churches with so many sculpted ceilings, I’m not even going to try to remember where this was taken. I became minorly obsessed with taking shots of these moldings that descend down from the ceiling art, like a needless staircase. Plus a bit of asymmetrical symmetry, because my photography goesContinue reading “Unnecessary Steps (Rome, Italy)”