Riding the Water, Riding the Waves

Nowhere in the corridors of pale green and greyNowhere in the suburbsIn the cold light of dayThere in the midst of it so alive and aloneWords support like bone Dreaming of mercy streetWear your inside outDreaming of mercyIn your daddy(‘s arms again Dreaming of mercy street‘swear they moved that signDreaming of mercyIn your daddy’s armsContinue reading “Riding the Water, Riding the Waves”

Seeing Sien

My latest venture to the DIA brought me to this piece, “Sorrow”, which model was Van Gogh’s so-called girlfriend, Sien Hoornik, who lived with him in Hague along with her son (who wasn’t Van Gogh’s, for the record). Some reports state that Vincent was near-obsessively generous to her, buying her cigars and other fineries andContinue reading “Seeing Sien”

Rediscovering Detroit: Mark Jewett and the Strategic Advisors

Well, that was a simply magical time. Went back at the ole Berkley Coffee to check out a local music group that had posted their event in one of the social media groups I follow. I noticed that another musician I greatly admire was interested in this one, so I figured, what the hell? EvenContinue reading “Rediscovering Detroit: Mark Jewett and the Strategic Advisors”