The Trouble with Ambiverts

There’s nothing quite like going to a party to remind you where you land on the introversion / extraversion spectrum — as well as so many other spectrums — but last night I was particularly reminded of the former. Sometimes the best way to describe inner experience is visually. I have been wracking my brainContinue reading “The Trouble with Ambiverts”

The Spaces In Between

If you’ve been following along, I’m attempting to get past some “bloggers block”, where I have an assortment of stories I could be sharing, and I’m struggling to figure out how to parse them out into something reasonably coherent and semi-entertaining for y’all. So I figure I’d start there. The fact that communicating can beContinue reading “The Spaces In Between”

Birth Astride a Grave

There’s nothing quite like a birthday to inspire thoughts of one’s eventual deathday. It’s possible this is unique to me, yet I’ve noted a pattern over the years. When I think about my coming into the world, my mind smoothly segues to contemplating a future day when I will come out of it. Admittedly theContinue reading “Birth Astride a Grave”

A Sandcastle’s End

Today was good.Today was fun.Tomorrow is another one. Dr. Seuss It’s difficult to say what happened, exactly, that made this latest theatrical journey such a powerful experience. Some have said it’s that we tried something completely out of our comfort zone. But we’ve done that before. Some suggest that it’s the incredible cast, oozing withContinue reading “A Sandcastle’s End”