Riding the Water, Riding the Waves

Nowhere in the corridors of pale green and greyNowhere in the suburbsIn the cold light of dayThere in the midst of it so alive and aloneWords support like bone Dreaming of mercy streetWear your inside outDreaming of mercyIn your daddy(‘s arms again Dreaming of mercy street‘swear they moved that signDreaming of mercyIn your daddy’s armsContinue reading “Riding the Water, Riding the Waves”

The Bridge

I recently paid another visit to the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA), for their special “Van Gogh in America” exhibition. My more constant readers will not be surprised to hear that I kinda sorta really liked it. What surprised me, however, was that despite being surrounded by 74 incredible works of his — all broughtContinue reading “The Bridge”

The View From My Wandering

This is not the Detroit of 20 years ago. And I’m not exactly who I was back then either. Wandering around the city is a great reminder that while nothing gold can stay, which is a pretty way of saying that change sucks, there’s still beauty, and weird, and why the frak would anyone putContinue reading “The View From My Wandering”

Chai Breaks

Corporate individual contributor (i.e., not management) life is a bit of a topographic map — peaks and valleys, rough mountainous stretches then endless miles of flatlands. Over the past 16 years, I’ve gotten rather skilled at navigating the switchbacks, but really needed to work on managing those moments of nothing-done. I’d so much rather getContinue reading “Chai Breaks”

200 Miles of Yay

It was a favorite kind of day. The kind that starts with a simple 2-hour daytime date to see one of our favorite local musicians and turns into 200 miles of local road-tripping. Complete with amazing conversation with the impeccable company of my favorite person (love you, Danger); a jaunt to my favorite local townContinue reading “200 Miles of Yay”

Juiced Up Cafe

Presenting a new cafe venue with more sound equipment and progressive personality than you can throw a chai tea latte at: Berkley Coffee. Stopped in this weekend to support genius keys player Jarrod Champion and am certain I’ve never seen anything like this coffee-roasting / non-alcoholic bar / event space. My inner theatre sprites areContinue reading “Juiced Up Cafe”

Birth Astride a Grave

There’s nothing quite like a birthday to inspire thoughts of one’s eventual deathday. It’s possible this is unique to me, yet I’ve noted a pattern over the years. When I think about my coming into the world, my mind smoothly segues to contemplating a future day when I will come out of it. Admittedly theContinue reading “Birth Astride a Grave”