The Game of Gogh

It seems like everybody who’s anybody is trying to find a way to help the modern populace get a little bit closer to understanding the work of Vincent Van Gogh. Which makes writing about him here all the more intimidating. I’ve literally been sitting on this post for three days, trying to come up withContinue reading “The Game of Gogh”

Through A Glass Darkly

I can’t speak for all of America, but in my limited (undergrad, a long long time ago) sexology, sociology and psychology studies, we seem to have a reluctant relationship with public displays of nudity. In particular those of us who were raised in a religious tradition where covering parts of the body that are keyContinue reading “Through A Glass Darkly”

So That Was Christmas

“It doesn’t feel like Christmas,” my daughter pondered aloud on Festivus (Christmas Eve Eve, if you prefer). After a few moments of trying to put her finger on it, she decided, “It’s because it got here too quickly.” I stopped myself from going into a long, tangential monologue about accursed Time, saving her yet anotherContinue reading “So That Was Christmas”

Model, Painter, Rebel

Spent the morning surrounded by the works of this force of nature, Suzanne Valadon — a much sought-after model who became an excellent painter in her own right (despite the protests of the male artists and bloated critics around her). Among other fingerprints she placed in her art (which we could discuss at great length,Continue reading “Model, Painter, Rebel”

And This House Just Ain’t No Home

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s goneIt’s not warm when she’s awayAin’t no sunshine when she’s goneAnd she’s always gone too longAnytime she’s goes away Bill Withers If you’re a regular reader, you are aware that my eldest furry resident has been angling to keep me away from all thoughts and actions in any way wanderlusty.Continue reading “And This House Just Ain’t No Home”

Hotel Habits

I have a few rituals when I check into my temporary lodgings while on a faraway adventure, but today’s shot is dedicated to my two favorites. First, I love to soak up that delicious emotion of not knowing where anything is, and having to feel your way around an often labyrinthine floor plan, where everyContinue reading “Hotel Habits”

More Than Meets The Eye

One of my favorite parts of photography is when you can expose your favorite part of a thing, the pieces of your visual field that are totally and utterly drawing you in. At its best, photography is something more than capturing an objective reality – it’s taking what anyone can see with their own eyes,Continue reading “More Than Meets The Eye”

Twas the Night Before Vacation

Out of office is set. Flights are confirmed. Packing list is scrawled on a single pink post-it. Pre-travel tasks to be done are written on another, equally pink one. All that’s left to do is fill the carry-on with two days of clothes and toiletries, and force myself to wake up to the alarm (whichContinue reading “Twas the Night Before Vacation”