More Than Meets The Eye

One of my favorite parts of photography is when you can expose your favorite part of a thing, the pieces of your visual field that are totally and utterly drawing you in. At its best, photography is something more than capturing an objective reality – it’s taking what anyone can see with their own eyes,Continue reading “More Than Meets The Eye”

Twas the Night Before Vacation

Out of office is set. Flights are confirmed. Packing list is scrawled on a single pink post-it. Pre-travel tasks to be done are written on another, equally pink one. All that’s left to do is fill the carry-on with two days of clothes and toiletries, and force myself to wake up to the alarm (whichContinue reading “Twas the Night Before Vacation”


November is often a time for avoiding social obligations. For hibernating from the outside world and putting a permanent glutes-shaped dent into the comfy couch. For late coffee runs and an excess of hair falling into the drain. Because November is National Novel Writing Month. Or to those “in the industry”, simply NaNoWriMo. There’s somethingContinue reading “NoNaNoWriMo”

Living in the Here and Meow

What’s a life without a feeling of giving back? A life half-lived, perhaps. A life satisfying on a surface level, but a little bit empty. A bit uninspiring. You don’t have to be intensely religious, or even spiritual, to experience the adrenaline rush — and with practice, even an all-body euphoria — that comes withContinue reading “Living in the Here and Meow”

Japanese Garden

This week, the animals came. If you ask me — and you’re reading this, so I’m gonna interpret that as a solid yes — raising kids, dogs, and cats is hard, but keeping plants alive is harder. That said, I absolutely adore having a Japanese-influenced design added to my beloved money pit. It’s everything IContinue reading “Japanese Garden”

Pandemic Retrospective: What I’ve Lost

One of my favorite podcasts, David Tennant Does A Podcast With …, featured a conversation with Michael Sheen as part of its first season. And in the deleted scenes episode, was this little philosophical gem that has stuck with me ever since I heard it last year: I realize now, you know, that idea ofContinue reading “Pandemic Retrospective: What I’ve Lost”

Loose Change

It’s 7:00PM on a Wednesday night in February. I dutifully click on the Zoom link, and join a Brady Brunch opening credits montage, filled with a dozen or so well-dressed, nervously smiling heads and shoulders — my fellow virtual one-act play festival auditionees. Several of them recognize me and shout out my name. I’m suddenlyContinue reading “Loose Change”

The Party Countdown

I have mucho introvert in me. I read. I get pissy when people ask me too many questions before 3:00 in the afternoon. I typically think through multiple sides of a situation, for hours if not days, before landing on an opinion. And you can always count on me to choose a one-on-one conversation inContinue reading “The Party Countdown”