My Next Gig: Flung

Content warning for those who have been following me for awhile: shameless self-promotion and angsty posts about the process are coming back, because my next directing gig is right around the corner! I’ll try to remember to tag and title appropriately. Caveat, occasional theatrical metaphors and references will almost certainly bleed into my other posts.Continue reading “My Next Gig: Flung”

2022 Favorites – Books

Last top-five list I think, for posterity, as we close out the year together. Thanks for reading. 1. “Creative Play Direction” by Robert Cohen2. “How to Tell A Story” by Meg Bowles3. “The Dictionary of Lost Words” by Pip Williams4. “Putting it Together: How Steven Sondheim and I Created Sunday in the Park with George”Continue reading “2022 Favorites – Books”

2022 Favorites – One Season Wonders

There was a time when I felt like telling a succinct story on the small screen in about a dozen episodes, with no further attempt to expand the universe or keep the beats perpetually coming, was a lost art. 2022 turned me around. I actually have more shows that I could squeeze into a top-fiveContinue reading “2022 Favorites – One Season Wonders”

2022 Favorites – TV Series

Continuing my self-imposed 2022 review of on-screen entertainment, moving on from the big screen to the small. I started making a top-five list of all episodic TV, but it was too much, so I’ve chosen the saner path of splitting this up. Today will be TV series (either there has been or there will beContinue reading “2022 Favorites – TV Series”

O Tannenbaum

O Christmas tree, o Christmas treeYour dress wants to teach me something:Your hope and durabilityProvide comfort and strength at any time.O Christmas tree, o Christmas treeThat’s what your dress should teach me. Ernst Anschütz, “O Tannenbaum” (English translation) Get a plastic tree without lights, they said. It’s the smart thing to do, they said. If you bought aContinue reading “O Tannenbaum”

The Show Must Go On

Live performance gigs are officially back. Yesterday I supported my good friend’s live storytelling event about living, learning, and loving with brain cancer. My role was audio/visual effects designer and technician, which turned out to be a delicious smoothie blend of what I do at the office, what I do for community theatre, and whatContinue reading “The Show Must Go On”

Tomorrow and Tomorrow

For the past few years, I have used the end of the year to do a personal life audit, riffed off the Google Sheets “audit” template, tracking various levels of personal health: physical, emotional, financial, psychological, career. Also a couple of sections for things that I know increase my overall happy: travel, being a forceContinue reading “Tomorrow and Tomorrow”