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Trouvailles and Memoires from wanderings past, present, and future


Travel trouvailles, travelogues, and photography from my various wanderings. All stories are true as I (and my occasional guests) remember them.

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Experiments in light, shadow, and street photography. Includes the occasional narrative about seeing the world through the perspective of the lens.

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Poetry, philosophical rambling, and other contemplations. Every blogger needs an “it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to” category, and this is mine.

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Not My Story

Come out, come outThis is no time for hidingAnd no time for cryingBecause your rations are packedAnd your armor is onAnd you’re far from done(And you’re not quite undone) Feel the weightIt’s light as a featherThe heaviest featherA feather that can hold youAs it drifts slowly around Circling and liftingAs an unexpected breezeKeeps your feetContinue reading “Not My Story”

Smug Kitty

How my elder furball responded when I told him it’s my 2 year bloggiversary. Shot on Pixel 6 Pro, black and white filter.

Moving Forward

Whether it’s incredible successes or heart wrenching losses — both of which we tend to experience in any given year or two — there comes a time, amidst your brooding by that old oak tree in your amygdala, as you have been for countless days and nights, pages of your journal open to those oldContinue reading “Moving Forward”


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