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Trouvailles and Memoires from wanderings past, present, and future


Travel trouvailles, travelogues, and photography from my various wanderings. All stories are true as I (and my occasional guests) remember them.

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Experiments in light, shadow, and street photography. Includes the occasional narrative about seeing the world through the perspective of the lens.

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Poetry, philosophical rambling, and other contemplations. Every blogger needs an “it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to” category, and this is mine.

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The Diagnosis

Boom boom boomAround the cornerOn the other side of the wallSounds like poundingSounds like hammering (What is it really)(What else could it be) Boom boom bangIt is and it isn’tBehind the wallWithout seeing itWith my own eyesWith only hearing itWith my earsPerhaps it isn’t (We know that it is)(We have always known) Boom bang boomAroundContinue reading “The Diagnosis”


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