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Trouvailles and Memoires from wanderings past, present, and future


Travel trouvailles, travelogues, and photography from my various wanderings. All stories are true as I (and my occasional guests) remember them.

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Experiments in light, shadow, and street photography. Includes the occasional narrative about seeing the world through the perspective of the lens.

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Poetry, philosophical rambling, and other contemplations. Every blogger needs an “it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to” category, and this is mine.

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I breathe in to start to speak the wordsthat will illustrate all the depthand all the reach of what I feel and seeand hope and wishof where we’ve been and where we are going And then I freezebreath heldeyes blurredwords locked Because I am breathing inall your hope and all your feelingsand your wishes AndContinue reading “Aspirations”


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