Go Ask Alice

No less instructive is the story, ‘Pooh Goes Visiting,’ in which Rabbit, having deceitfully offered Pooh admittance to sample his overstocked larder, artfully traps his victim in the doorway and exploits him as an unsalaried towel rack for an entire week. Frederick C. Crews, “The Pooh Perplex“ Another new discovery from our recent day trip:Continue reading “Go Ask Alice”

Nothing Sure, Yet Much Unhappily

“It’s bound to end up with me jumping in the water.” Prophetic words from Clasina Maria “Sien” Hoornik, a prostitute, seamstress, model and mistress of Vincent van Gogh’s — and the only woman to move in with him (along with her 5 year-old daughter and her unborn child, who she would ultimately name Willem —Continue reading “Nothing Sure, Yet Much Unhappily”

Till Human Voices Wake Us

If you’re ever looking to pass the time with a super nerdy debate — and the old standards of politics, sex, and religion just aren’t doing it for you — I highly recommend bringing up The Little Mermaid. This coming from a girl who absolutely loved the movie when it came out. I used toContinue reading “Till Human Voices Wake Us”

Dread of West, Love of East

Among the many, many, many things to love about the Through Vincent’s Eyes exhibit in Columbus, arguably nothing was as striking as how the galleries were organized. Cue groans and rolling eyes from the oft overlooked curators out there. To which I say, touché. All due wrist slapping is welcome, and deserved. This experience openedContinue reading “Dread of West, Love of East”

Gogh East, Young Man

I’ll admit, I had a printed tapestry of this piece hanging on a wall in my first apartment with my then-husband, about twenty years ago — but it was only very recently that I noticed the boats. Not so for Van Gogh – according to the exhibition we visited in Columbus, it was those sameContinue reading “Gogh East, Young Man”

The Game of Gogh

It seems like everybody who’s anybody is trying to find a way to help the modern populace get a little bit closer to understanding the work of Vincent Van Gogh. Which makes writing about him here all the more intimidating. I’ve literally been sitting on this post for three days, trying to come up withContinue reading “The Game of Gogh”

Daddy Issues

Often it’s the artists who find their own way, and create a new style that catches the art world by storm, that receive our highest praise (and tunnel vision attention). But how about those painters who were so ridiculously skilled at creating pieces in the style of their mentors and heroes, that their final productsContinue reading “Daddy Issues”