The Object of Art

It seems fair to assume that a major challenge of putting art on display for public consumption, among many challenges, is that old adage about it taking all types to make a world. And that one person’s type is another person’s anathema. Trash vs. treasure, and all that. Yet sometimes – okay, oftentimes – despiteContinue reading “The Object of Art”

Hermosa Mujer

A running theme in the many, many galleries within the halls of the two Philadelphia art museums we visited, was the way the public — in particular the art critics — of the time responded to art that broke the then-current convention. Spoiler: the responses were frequently, if not mostly, negative. In this case, CourbetContinue reading “Hermosa Mujer”

The Belly of Montmartre

Every once in awhile a painting takes me back in time, to another place and age where I was surrounded by different things and engaged with different people. I get goosebumps as I see, just outside the corner of my eye, someone that I recognize. Someone that I swear, must have posed for this pieceContinue reading “The Belly of Montmartre”

Anything You Can Do …

“Why shouldn’t I be proud to be a woman? My father, that enthusiastic apostle of humanity, told me again and again that it was woman’s mission to improve the human race…To his doctrines I owe my great and glorious ambition for the sex to which I proudly belong, whose independence I’ll defend till my dyingContinue reading “Anything You Can Do …”

Bull-horn’d and wand’ring thro’ the gloom of Night

I often balk when museum signs point out a spot and urge me to “take a photo here”, and all around me are tourists, each with their phone — or an actual camera, heaven forfend! — obeying said directions. Maybe I don’t want to take this shot, I think to myself. Maybe I can findContinue reading “Bull-horn’d and wand’ring thro’ the gloom of Night”

Through A Glass Darkly

I can’t speak for all of America, but in my limited (undergrad, a long long time ago) sexology, sociology and psychology studies, we seem to have a reluctant relationship with public displays of nudity. In particular those of us who were raised in a religious tradition where covering parts of the body that are keyContinue reading “Through A Glass Darkly”