Living in the Here and Meow

What’s a life without a feeling of giving back? A life half-lived, perhaps. A life satisfying on a surface level, but a little bit empty. A bit uninspiring. You don’t have to be intensely religious, or even spiritual, to experience the adrenaline rush — and with practice, even an all-body euphoria — that comes withContinue reading “Living in the Here and Meow”

Japanese Garden

This week, the animals came. If you ask me — and you’re reading this, so I’m gonna interpret that as a solid yes — raising kids, dogs, and cats is hard, but keeping plants alive is harder. That said, I absolutely adore having a Japanese-influenced design added to my beloved money pit. It’s everything IContinue reading “Japanese Garden”

Whither Thou Goghest

I’ll say one thing for the immersive Van Gogh exhibit at the TCF Center in Detroit this summer: it’s an art display like none other. One might even debate whether it’s actually displaying art at all, since there are no actual paintings in the entire exhibit. The first thing I ever learned about Van GoghContinue reading “Whither Thou Goghest”