Halfway Flung

Five weeks have passed. Five weeks remain. It is officially the midpoint of the “Flung” rehearsal process, which has prompted me to be somewhat more reflective than usual about how far we’ve come, and where we are headed. In any project, whether it goes smoothly or rockily — or a little bit of both —Continue reading “Halfway Flung”

Seeing Sien

My latest venture to the DIA brought me to this piece, “Sorrow”, which model was Van Gogh’s so-called girlfriend, Sien Hoornik, who lived with him in Hague along with her son (who wasn’t Van Gogh’s, for the record). Some reports state that Vincent was near-obsessively generous to her, buying her cigars and other fineries andContinue reading “Seeing Sien”

2022 Favorites – One Season Wonders

There was a time when I felt like telling a succinct story on the small screen in about a dozen episodes, with no further attempt to expand the universe or keep the beats perpetually coming, was a lost art. 2022 turned me around. I actually have more shows that I could squeeze into a top-fiveContinue reading “2022 Favorites – One Season Wonders”

2022 Favorites – TV Series

Continuing my self-imposed 2022 review of on-screen entertainment, moving on from the big screen to the small. I started making a top-five list of all episodic TV, but it was too much, so I’ve chosen the saner path of splitting this up. Today will be TV series (either there has been or there will beContinue reading “2022 Favorites – TV Series”

The Most Wonderful Shop of the Year

As someone who kinda gets grumpy when I have to go shopping, I feel uniquely qualified to say: Robot Supply and Repair is the ultimate best. Period. I almost don’t want to give away what makes this place so awesome, because the reveal as I walked in the door without knowing anything about it —Continue reading “The Most Wonderful Shop of the Year”

The In-Betweens

There is a crack, a crack in everythingThat’s how the light gets in Leonard Cohen As life and health situations twist and turn for an inordinate number of people in my life lately, and we endure the tests and wait for the consults, I’ve been thinking of this Van Gogh painting. I stumbled upon itContinue reading “The In-Betweens”

The Bridge

I recently paid another visit to the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA), for their special “Van Gogh in America” exhibition. My more constant readers will not be surprised to hear that I kinda sorta really liked it. What surprised me, however, was that despite being surrounded by 74 incredible works of his — all broughtContinue reading “The Bridge”