Not My Story

Come out, come outThis is no time for hidingAnd no time for cryingBecause your rations are packedAnd your armor is onAnd you’re far from done(And you’re not quite undone) Feel the weightIt’s light as a featherThe heaviest featherA feather that can hold youAs it drifts slowly around Circling and liftingAs an unexpected breezeKeeps your feetContinue reading “Not My Story”

The Longest Month

at the momentall that wasis now remnants on the ground under the snow the flowers unprunedand the earth under gloomas the pavement moves(yet somehow we are unmoved)at the momentwe are groundedand boarded and stowed awayso we can stare at the unfinished businessof the other elevenand wonder what the remaining ten will doto rebuild or furtherContinue reading “The Longest Month”

The Diagnosis

Boom boom boomAround the cornerOn the other side of the wallSounds like poundingSounds like hammering (What is it really)(What else could it be) Boom boom bangIt is and it isn’tBehind the wallWithout seeing itWith my own eyesWith only hearing itWith my earsPerhaps it isn’t (We know that it is)(We have always known) Boom bang boomAroundContinue reading “The Diagnosis”

Unfortunate Events

Here we are againDriving without a steering columnPetrified yet rising aboveWe ride the rideWe try to let goTo accept what comesWhen it comesWe try to live with all that we are losingAnd focus on the gainingWe try not to forget our strengthWhich is kindnessAnd forgivenessAnd awarenessWe try not to forget that fearOf failingOf being failedIsContinue reading “Unfortunate Events”

A Welcome Distraction

I have been pulled and drawnI have been filled and propelled I have been distracted From sitting in silenceFrom the voices that thin the threadsFrom the distorted mirrors that cloud clarity Craving a place of our ownA space of just you and just meNothing else distracting Just the distraction of your eyesAnd your voiceAnd yourContinue reading “A Welcome Distraction”