A Welcome Distraction

I have been pulled and drawnI have been filled and propelled I have been distracted From sitting in silenceFrom the voices that thin the threadsFrom the distorted mirrors that cloud clarity Craving a place of our ownA space of just you and just meNothing else distracting Just the distraction of your eyesAnd your voiceAnd yourContinue reading “A Welcome Distraction”


You come to me in flashesunexpectedbrightraw like lightningcoloring the skyon a dry summer eveningand I smileas I wanderinto your storm You shake the ground beneath mesuddendisruptivepenetratinglike thunderbreaking the silencethrough the dark of the nightand I cryas I wanderinto your storm You pour yourself over meuncensoredsaturatingpurelike rainfalling on flowersin the soft light of dawnand I flyasContinue reading “Wandering”


I have no use for you, I saidAnd smashed it on the cementPieces shatteringScatteringUnrecognizable as anything that could haveTaken so much space within mePieces floatingBlowing in the breezeLike cottonwood ~ Hezaasan, (c) 2018 Dug up this old piece in honor of my house being up to its usual stupid-face antics this morning. Water always wins,Continue reading “Homeownership”