New Orleans Swan Song (April 2018)

So much memory Admist the forgetting Not what I expected Better than Weirder than Wilder than A new way to travel And an old way to forget More than can fit into my head Gets stuck in my gut Gets buried then unearths Then buried again Something there A trickle A thin stream But IContinue reading “New Orleans Swan Song (April 2018)”

Kimonos and Paper Parasols

As much as my visits to see my grandparents in New Jersey planted the seed, it was my grandmother on my father’s side who nurtured the soil and inspired me to see the other side of the world. Grandma and Grandpa H were one of those Edward Albee couples, constantly bickering and jabbing at oneContinue reading “Kimonos and Paper Parasols”

Let us go then, you and I

That old adage about it not being about the destination but the journey, that’s me. Wandering is where my joy lives. Unplanned, spontaneous, ambling, twisting, serendipitous journeys are my definition of a day well spent … or a week … or an extra few days because I’ve missed my flight due to being distracted byContinue reading “Let us go then, you and I”