If You Have To Ask What Jazz Is

This weekend consisted of a significant milestone in my life, the end of a very old chapter. The equivalent of swimming in the ocean with weights around my ankles, and finally getting back to shore — where I proceeded to tear those bastards off and chuck them into the nearest firepit, cheering, I am free,Continue reading “If You Have To Ask What Jazz Is”

The Pedro Zone

I’m almost reluctant to advertise this as it was so cool to be one of three people in the audience – but that wouldn’t be very sportsmanlike. Pedro’s song hour at Berkley Coffee. Super chill vibe, just an hour of letting whatever music might happen, happen. Thanks for the fantastic ambiance as I continue toContinue reading “The Pedro Zone”

Rediscovering Detroit: Mark Jewett and the Strategic Advisors

Well, that was a simply magical time. Went back at the ole Berkley Coffee to check out a local music group that had posted their event in one of the social media groups I follow. I noticed that another musician I greatly admire was interested in this one, so I figured, what the hell? EvenContinue reading “Rediscovering Detroit: Mark Jewett and the Strategic Advisors”

Rediscovering Detroit: Mercury Salad

Lean in, and I’ll tell you a little secret: the music scene is Detroit is alive, well, and kicking serious tush. Even more than I was giving it credit for. I admit, I’d gotten into a happy little groove with my 3-4 performers to follow, and was content to focus my fangirl activities on thisContinue reading “Rediscovering Detroit: Mercury Salad”

Down at the Ole Cafe

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the opportunity to prop out a new local Detroit band. This time I headed out to my favorite lesser known dry cafe in Oak Park, Berkley Coffee, to catch a little folk rock Americana courtesy of Poor Player. In their own words, Poor Player is “all about finding theContinue reading “Down at the Ole Cafe”

Juiced Up Cafe

Presenting a new cafe venue with more sound equipment and progressive personality than you can throw a chai tea latte at: Berkley Coffee. Stopped in this weekend to support genius keys player Jarrod Champion and am certain I’ve never seen anything like this coffee-roasting / non-alcoholic bar / event space. My inner theatre sprites areContinue reading “Juiced Up Cafe”

Music in the D: The Whiskey Charmers

Headed out to Detroit Shipping Company last night for the sweet song stylings of one of my favorite local spaghetti western folk duos. I used one of their songs, “Galaxy”, for the end credits of my recent directorial adventure, and almost every time I attend their shows, the lead singer gives me a shout-out, andContinue reading “Music in the D: The Whiskey Charmers”