PhiladelphiAsian Art

Among the many tales I could end this year sharing, it seems fitting to choose one of the more remarkable finds from our recent visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art: its Asian Art wing. As much as I adore the Far East with its deep culture and history, my local museum often settles onContinue reading “PhiladelphiAsian Art”

So That Was Christmas

“It doesn’t feel like Christmas,” my daughter pondered aloud on Festivus (Christmas Eve Eve, if you prefer). After a few moments of trying to put her finger on it, she decided, “It’s because it got here too quickly.” I stopped myself from going into a long, tangential monologue about accursed Time, saving her yet anotherContinue reading “So That Was Christmas”

The Unquenchable Quest

It’s never too long, after returning from a trip, that I start daydreaming about a future one. Encountering this beauty on our second day, at our second museum (Philadelphia Museum of Art), made it impossible to not start that dream even before we left. (And from what I’ve read, you can still visit a reasonableContinue reading “The Unquenchable Quest”