The Cacti of Cthulhu

If I say that my somewhat extravagant imagination yielded simultaneous pictures of an octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature, I shall not be unfaithful to the spirit of the thing. A pulpy, tentacled head surmounted a grotesque and scaly body with rudimentary wings; but it was the general outline of the whole which madeContinue reading “The Cacti of Cthulhu”

The Picky and the Prickly

Here we go round the prickly pearPrickly pear prickly pearHere we go round the prickly pearAt five o’clock in the morning. Between the ideaAnd the realityBetween the motionAnd the actFalls the Shadow T.S. Eliot, “The Hollow Men” It’s my last day in the desert. I’m going to miss these weird garden delights, in all theirContinue reading “The Picky and the Prickly”

Oh Willow, Titwillow, Titwillow

Life teaches us toBend like the willow during a stormGlide like an eagleUnder the sun mighty and warmBut to stand togetherNo matter the weatherUnity is all for the better Marie Helen Abramyan There’s something about stumbling upon a willow, in the midst of the palms, that lends itself to a more reflective afternoon than one’sContinue reading “Oh Willow, Titwillow, Titwillow”