The Unquenchable Quest

It’s never too long, after returning from a trip, that I start daydreaming about a future one. Encountering this beauty on our second day, at our second museum (Philadelphia Museum of Art), made it impossible to not start that dream even before we left. (And from what I’ve read, you can still visit a reasonableContinue reading “The Unquenchable Quest”

Model, Painter, Rebel

Spent the morning surrounded by the works of this force of nature, Suzanne Valadon — a much sought-after model who became an excellent painter in her own right (despite the protests of the male artists and bloated critics around her). Among other fingerprints she placed in her art (which we could discuss at great length,Continue reading “Model, Painter, Rebel”

Bar Art, Cont’d

Came across this wonder along the narrow walking path leading to the tented performance space where we enjoyed some local bands (after a long day of walking around college campuses with Child #2). Not to put too fine a point on it, but there weren’t, aren’t, and likely never shall be any busses here. IContinue reading “Bar Art, Cont’d”

And This House Just Ain’t No Home

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s goneIt’s not warm when she’s awayAin’t no sunshine when she’s goneAnd she’s always gone too longAnytime she’s goes away Bill Withers If you’re a regular reader, you are aware that my eldest furry resident has been angling to keep me away from all thoughts and actions in any way wanderlusty.Continue reading “And This House Just Ain’t No Home”

Whither Thou Goest – Don’t Go

Clearly I haven’t been spending enough time with him lately. (Spoiler: I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of time with him lately, but Mr. Short Term Memory Loss doesn’t register that.) Either that or he senses another vacation is around the corner, and is doing his best to interfere. Shot on Pixel 6 Pro.