A Sky is a Sky is a Sky (Rome, Italy)

I love this photo, because it could have been taken anywhere, but it wasn’t. It was taken in Rome. A reminder that wherever you go, there you are. Or something. Also, a bonus shutter shot, because they’re cool. Again, could be anywhere — but it wasn’t. Photos shot on iPhone 8, black and white filter.

I Shot What? (NOTL, Ontario)

File this one under “Shots I Was Told Not To Take”. No, I did not actually look directly at the sun when I took this. But my smart phone did. More proof that I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing behind the lens, but sometimes get an image that I like anyway. Shot onContinue reading “I Shot What? (NOTL, Ontario)”

Hole in the Wall (Pompeii, Italy)

I couldn’t resist the on-the-nose title. Although “Head Like a Hole” is the actual song running through my head right now. This image is a microcosm of the ruins of Pompeii. There are walls, everywhere. Holes, everywhere. This is a place of contradiction: so much preserved, and so much destroyed. And if you look hardContinue reading “Hole in the Wall (Pompeii, Italy)”

Coffins and Keyholes (Pompeii, Italy)

I wasthe girl of the chain letter,the girl full of talk of coffins and keyholes,the one of the telephone bills,the wrinkled photo and the lost connections. Anne Sexton When I was in middle school, one of my favorite things to do during breaks and the lunch hour was to walk around and ask people pseudo-psychologicalContinue reading “Coffins and Keyholes (Pompeii, Italy)”

Bridging the Gap (Memphis, TN)

These days, it’s hard for me to consider a photo shoot complete without indulging my lines, light, and shadow obsession. Sometimes that requires an impractical amount of intentional wandering, at just the right time of day to try to catch the sun falling in just the right direction behind bizarre ordinary objects (benches are myContinue reading “Bridging the Gap (Memphis, TN)”

Johnson v. Lucifer (Clarksdale, MS)

A young man suffers an incredible loss – his wife and child died in childbirth — and decides to hide away from the world for a few years, pouring his anguish into his music. He emerges back into the public eye, sharing his hard-earned gift as an incredible guitar player and his Delta Blues music.Continue reading “Johnson v. Lucifer (Clarksdale, MS)”