O Brother, There Art Thou

One of my favorite shots that I’ve gotten of these two rascals recently. I don’t want to tarnish the absolute treasure that is Zoe’s expression with any attempt to explain it, so I’ll just leave it with this song that is inexplicably running through my head right now: We’re for each otherLike a wop ba-baContinue reading “O Brother, There Art Thou”

Mind Not the Mocking

“Do you have anything N/A?” I asked my server while waiting for my parents to arrive. This wasn’t the first time I asked this question, and it won’t be the last. I’m working on identifying triggers for some icky health stuff, and reducing alcohol is an obvious choice. Plus it’s a lot easier to dealContinue reading “Mind Not the Mocking”

The Most Wonderful Shop of the Year

As someone who kinda gets grumpy when I have to go shopping, I feel uniquely qualified to say: Robot Supply and Repair is the ultimate best. Period. I almost don’t want to give away what makes this place so awesome, because the reveal as I walked in the door without knowing anything about it —Continue reading “The Most Wonderful Shop of the Year”

Paws and Pie

A couple weeks ago a local Detroit animal shelter brought dogs, cats, and other mammals to the first floor of my office building downtown (as well as free pie, but that’s another story). It was an absolute treat to watch these creatures work their magic and transform otherwise stoic all-business coworkers into piles of mushyContinue reading “Paws and Pie”

Kitty Snuggling 101

Louis’ really an artistLouis’ cakes are an art.Louis isn’t the smartest-Louis’ popular.Everybody loves Louis,Louis bakes from the heart… The bread, George.I mean the bread, George.And then in bed, George…I mean he kneads me-I mean like dough, George…Hello, George… “Everybody Loves Louis” by Stephen Sondheim Big stretch upon seeing that I’ve perched myself on the reclinerContinue reading “Kitty Snuggling 101”

Rediscovering Detroit: Mercury Burger & Bar

Not to be confused with the band Mercury Salad which I blogged about recently, I had the recent pleasure of meeting a friend at one of our favorite pre-pandemic spots on Michigan Ave: the Mercury. One of the absolute best places to get a turkey burger, this Corktown location is probably better known for itsContinue reading “Rediscovering Detroit: Mercury Burger & Bar”

The In-Betweens

There is a crack, a crack in everythingThat’s how the light gets in Leonard Cohen As life and health situations twist and turn for an inordinate number of people in my life lately, and we endure the tests and wait for the consults, I’ve been thinking of this Van Gogh painting. I stumbled upon itContinue reading “The In-Betweens”