Weird Sites in Rome, Take Three

Sometimes you gotta shoot the “wrong thing”. The only source of light into the Pantheon comes from the center (the oculus). Said oculus is a popular shot, tourists angling their lenses up to the ceiling to capture it and the surrounding dome walls, which are eye-catching swirls of squares. My traveling companion used it asContinue reading “Weird Sites in Rome, Take Three”

A Sky is a Sky is a Sky (Rome, Italy)

I love this photo, because it could have been taken anywhere, but it wasn’t. It was taken in Rome. A reminder that wherever you go, there you are. Or something. Also, a bonus shutter shot, because they’re cool. Again, could be anywhere — but it wasn’t. Photos shot on iPhone 8, black and white filter.

I Shot What? (NOTL, Ontario)

File this one under “Shots I Was Told Not To Take”. No, I did not actually look directly at the sun when I took this. But my smart phone did. More proof that I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing behind the lens, but sometimes get an image that I like anyway. Shot onContinue reading “I Shot What? (NOTL, Ontario)”

Hole in the Wall (Pompeii, Italy)

I couldn’t resist the on-the-nose title. Although “Head Like a Hole” is the actual song running through my head right now. This image is a microcosm of the ruins of Pompeii. There are walls, everywhere. Holes, everywhere. This is a place of contradiction: so much preserved, and so much destroyed. And if you look hardContinue reading “Hole in the Wall (Pompeii, Italy)”