Fully Flung

The past 8 weeks will be forever emblazoned on my soul as among the more overwhelming, challenging, and soul-filling in my recent memory.

Short version, we did it. We put on a stageplay that broke boundaries for what our audiences were used to seeing and stretched the skills of everyone involved beyond what they thought they were capable of. It wasn’t easy, and we all faced resistance and obstacles along the way — but there was also such dedication, delight, and daring at every step which made it an experience that was truly special, undoubtedly worthwhile.

I personally am forever changed as a result of the many different people I had the opportunity to work with, the ridiculously long list of things that I learned about my capacity as a director and as a human being, and the diverse yet powerful impact this had on so many who showed up for the experience.

I’ve loved all of my theatre experiences along the way for the unique opportunities that they all have been, but I believe this one will stand out among them for a long time to come. Thank you to everyone who participated, on the boards, behind the scenes, in front of the house, and sitting in the audience. Still not quite sure how I would have gotten through this season of my life without this — and incredibly grateful that I will never know.

Shot on Pixel 6 Pro on opening weekend.

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