Halfway Flung

Five weeks have passed. Five weeks remain.

It is officially the midpoint of the “Flung” rehearsal process, which has prompted me to be somewhat more reflective than usual about how far we’ve come, and where we are headed.

In any project, whether it goes smoothly or rockily — or a little bit of both — it’s hard not to get somewhat fixated on the journey. That from whence we’ve come. The twists and turns of the road linger, long after they have come and gone.

I’m happy to report that this ride has been a joyous adventure thus far.

Set design is complete, and the walls and risers are up. Character qualities and relationship backstories have been explored. Lines have been memorized within a decent range of accuracy. Blocking (where the actors move) for each scene is roughly defined and stitched together to ensure nobody who has just exited stage left needs to suddenly appear on stage right.

This is where one would hope to be, at this stage of the process.

On top of that, you can imagine my delight that we also have almost all of our props procured, wardrobe nearly complete, and set dressing fully underway — which in my experience are aspects you continue to chase all the way through to tech week, just before opening night.

Rosedale Community Players is a veritable production machine, and I can’t thank them enough.

Photo shot on Pixel 6 Pro, at Rosedale Community Players during Day 3 of set construction.

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