Blessings from Bast – Positano, Italy

She knows a good gig when she sees one — this furry ball of gorgeous has actually shown up more than once in my reading of other people’s blogs about journeys to Positano. An absolute camera-mugging, attention-crazed, ultra-self-confident specimen, milking her chance to steal the attention of tourist lenses far and wide.

Everyone is Mr. DeMille to this sassy cat.

While we’re on the topic, this wasn’t the first time we were welcomed by kitties on our trip through Italy. Our home base in Rome was just down the street from the amazing Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, which could very easily have been our sole destination for the entire week. The community cat colony is alive, well, and intricate; I swear they have an entire civilization set up, complete with town halls and societal balls, interspersed with competitive speed racing and paw-wrestling championships, of course.

Even beyond that, animals have been one of the staples of my Women’s Walkabout vacations. We’ve been graced with a heightened awareness of mammalian creatures great and small, finding their way into our orbit (or perhaps it’s more that we find our way into theirs).

Or perhaps they drop in on most travelers’ wanderings, just beyond the periphery, and it’s mainly those of us who slow down just enough that see it.

Because when we slow down, when we wring the tension and self-preoccupation out and leave it at the airport, maybe that creates an atmosphere where they can relax too, and trust you enough to make their presence known. A quiet, unassuming acknowledgment that if you want to explore their home for awhile, well, they suppose that’ll be okay, as long as there’s no “funny business”.

I’m thankful for all those gestures throughout our travels, from furry and non-furry alike. There’s a lot of good in the world, if you know how to find it.

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2 thoughts on “Blessings from Bast – Positano, Italy

  1. It’s always a pleasure to observe the non human citizens of the places we visit. The bird life can be absolutely amazing, and the nice thing about furry creatures is that they seem to understand the same language no matter the country: kindness.

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