Capri – An Alternate View – Take Two

So yeah, my photos from this day are a bit … alternative. If you came here for a sampling from your typical tourist pamphlet, touting the virtues of the “most beautiful island in all of Italy”, prepare for disappointment. If you like seeing the often unseen, however, you came to the right place. Shot onContinue reading “Capri – An Alternate View – Take Two”

Capri – An Alternate View – Take One

A long(ish) tale is in the works for our daytrip to Capri. Every time I think of this experience, I can taste the sour and the sweet emotions that come along with it. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself — this is one story that I don’t want to rush. Ergo, getContinue reading “Capri – An Alternate View – Take One”

The Day We Didn’t Get Lost – Finale

If you’ve been following along, we intrepid travelers faced numerous obstacles in our path along the way to our Amalfi Coast home-away-from-home, but we didn’t let any of them deter us in our quest. After a long bus ride and steep climb up their driveway, we arrived just before sunset, unpacked our things in ourContinue reading “The Day We Didn’t Get Lost – Finale”