King of Neptune (Rome, Italy)

Tell her thisAnd more —That the king of the seasWeeps too, old, helpless man.The bustling fatesHeap his hands with corpsesUntil he stands like a childWith surplus of toys. Stephen Crane Another exercise in postcard photography. This was the view from my stroll along Piazza Navona. Much less crowded than our stop at the Trevi fountain,Continue reading “King of Neptune (Rome, Italy)”

La Dolce Trevi (Rome, Italy)

A bit more standard touristy fare today, in honor of an admittedly impressive structure in the middle of the city. Fun fact: this shot was taken through a sea of sardine-packed Romans and tourists, 99% of whom were significantly taller and bulkier than li’l ole me. I think my camera saw more of the fountainContinue reading “La Dolce Trevi (Rome, Italy)”

Saint Joan (Rome, Italy)

If Joan was mad, all Christendom was mad too; for people who believe devoutly in the existence of celestial personages are every whit as mad as the people who think they see them. Luther, when he threw his inkhorn at the devil, was no more mad than any other Augustinian monk: he had a moreContinue reading “Saint Joan (Rome, Italy)”

Weird Sites in Rome, Take Ten

This design choice completely took me by surprise the first time I encountered it (and if memory serves, that “first time” is in fact captured above). Who thinks like this, let alone architects — and then convinces someone to build — like this?! But I’m so glad they did. What a crazy, bizarre, unexpected, jarring,Continue reading “Weird Sites in Rome, Take Ten”

Where the Ruins Have No Name (Rome, Italy)

Have I told you lately, dear readers, how much I lack a sense of direction and a memory for names? Here is another example. For the life of me I can’t find a similar view online to help me give this location a name. Part of me wants to call it the Roman Forum, butContinue reading “Where the Ruins Have No Name (Rome, Italy)”

Weird Sites in Rome, Take Nine

We ventured on a long walk to the Colosseum, the final half-mile or so of which was all on the same stretch of road. There were large signs everywhere, pointing the way. But to be fair, the signs weren’t needed — we simply followed the crowd who all had the same idea as we did.Continue reading “Weird Sites in Rome, Take Nine”