NOLA Photo Series #4 (April 2018)

Bringing back some NOLA vibes, in advance of sharing a story or two about this fantastic journey through one of the best cemetery towns in the states. This is a companion piece to a previous photo I’ve shared, “Wife“. Shot on iPhone 8, black and white filter. Related: Other NOLA photos can be found hereContinue reading “NOLA Photo Series #4 (April 2018)”

NOLA Photo Series #2 (April 2018)

Growing up, I greatly enjoyed wandering through graveyards and reading all of the tombstones, in particular the crumbling, fading ones (not a vampire, but I could play one on TV). So it was a special thrill to converge my early experiments in photography with this long-standing hobby of mine, in one of the greatest cemeteryContinue reading “NOLA Photo Series #2 (April 2018)”

New Orleans Swan Song (April 2018)

So much memory Admist the forgetting Not what I expected Better than Weirder than Wilder than A new way to travel And an old way to forget More than can fit into my head Gets stuck in my gut Gets buried then unearths Then buried again Something there A trickle A thin stream But IContinue reading “New Orleans Swan Song (April 2018)”

NOLA Photo Series #1 (April 2018)

I have several stories I can (and plan to) share from my visit to NOLA — don’t we all — but for today, I’ll share a sample of one of many photos I shot of New Orleans exteriors. In all my wanderings, I don’t think I have ever been so obsessed with windows — theContinue reading “NOLA Photo Series #1 (April 2018)”