New York, NY Photo Series #4

My favorite part of the Warhol exhibit was not his shots, and not necessarily the shots that other people took that were inspired by his style (although that was its own kind of fascinating), but taking a shot of the people looking at the shots that were inspired by his shots. I loves me someContinue reading “New York, NY Photo Series #4”

New York, NY Photo Series #3

File this in the “who doesn’t get this shot” section of my portfolio, but really, shame on me if I didn’t get some variation of this shot. The Met was incredible. It was sensory overload. It was magnificent, daunting, and intimidating. I hear it isn’t what it used to be, but I didn’t know theContinue reading “New York, NY Photo Series #3”

New York, NY Photo Series #2

View from my tea at Cafe Duke, just down the street from my room at the Michelangelo. I ventured out for an early walk and breakfast to celebrate my first morning in New York. It wasn’t my first time in the city, not by a longshot, but this was my first (and so far only)Continue reading “New York, NY Photo Series #2”

Mohonk Mountain House, New York

Some families have summer homes, vacation rentals, timeshares. We weren’t set up like that — rather on the frugal side — but we did have a place we loved to visit (and not be so frugal) when the savings account was full enough: Mohonk Mountain House. Mountain House is a “Victorian castle resort” in theContinue reading “Mohonk Mountain House, New York”