Johnson v. Lucifer (Clarksdale, MS)

A young man suffers an incredible loss – his wife and child died in childbirth — and decides to hide away from the world for a few years, pouring his anguish into his music. He emerges back into the public eye, sharing his hard-earned gift as an incredible guitar player and his Delta Blues music.Continue reading “Johnson v. Lucifer (Clarksdale, MS)”

Streaky Streets (Clarksdale, MS)

When I took this photo, I didn’t have much of a clue about what I was doing. I’ve never taken a class in photography. I’ve always been drawn to it — I enjoy being behind the lens much more than being in front of it — but I never bothered to study the “correct” wayContinue reading “Streaky Streets (Clarksdale, MS)”

Small Town Blues (Clarksdale, MS)

In all my travels, I haven’t spent a ton of time investigating small towns. Growing up, my family trips consisted of resorts and cruises, metropolitan areas and islands. We focused on major tourist spots, and amenities that were family-friendly. I should mention, I completely understand this approach, now that I have to juggle my wanderlustContinue reading “Small Town Blues (Clarksdale, MS)”

The Man Who Would Be King (Tupelo, MS)

“I don’t like the looks of it,” said the King: “however, it may kiss my hand, if it likes.” “I’d rather not,” the Cat remarked.  Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland / Through the Looking-Glass We stumbled on this exit somewhat serendipitously. I wasn’t really thinking about it, when I saw a sign on the right:Continue reading “The Man Who Would Be King (Tupelo, MS)”