Rediscovering Detroit – Take Seven – Dylan Dunbar

Meet the killer lead guitar sound that helps make Jennifer Westwood and the Handsome Devils the incredible band that they are. Dylan Dunbar is without question the best local guitar player I’ve ever encountered in Detroit (and I’ve encountered more than a few). And like all great musicians, he gives excellent “I’m gonna play theContinue reading “Rediscovering Detroit – Take Seven – Dylan Dunbar”

Rediscovering Detroit – Take Four – Jarrod Champion (JC)

This guy was the first musician to make me a groupee (and no, not because he once toured with Tenacious D — although, that did impress me). If he’s playing a venue, you can put money on my being somewhere in the audience. Jarrod is a keys player of keys players, bringing his brilliant talentContinue reading “Rediscovering Detroit – Take Four – Jarrod Champion (JC)”

Rediscovering Detroit – Take Two – Djangophonique

Today I bring you the musical stylings of Djangophonique — a “a musical project born out of reverence for the Parisian Jazz Manouche style that was made popular by the legendary Sinti guitarist Django Reinhardt and his Quintette du Hot Club de France”. How can you read that description and not want to experience thisContinue reading “Rediscovering Detroit – Take Two – Djangophonique”