Petoskey, MI Photo Series #5

Being in the throes of the pandemic and more than slightly risk-averse, our safe-cation in Petoskey consisted of significant crowd-dodging and scoping out outdoor patio seating from several blocks away prior to setting our course. As a result, we spent our time trying to hit the “popular spots” at low-traffic times, and take shots thatContinue reading “Petoskey, MI Photo Series #5”

New York, NY Photo Series #4

My favorite part of the Warhol exhibit was not his shots, and not necessarily the shots that other people took that were inspired by his style (although that was its own kind of fascinating), but taking a shot of the people looking at the shots that were inspired by his shots. I loves me someContinue reading “New York, NY Photo Series #4”

Ocho Rios, Jamaica Photo Series #2

One of many cloudy, breezy, lazy days at an all-inclusive resort on the northeast side of Jamaica in 2019. Absolutely magnificent opportunity for my favorite photo shoot friends, Light and Shadow, to join me for a stroll. Shot on iPhone 8, black and white filter. Related: Ocho Rios, Jamaica Photo Series #1 Rashomon Series: JewelContinue reading “Ocho Rios, Jamaica Photo Series #2”

New York, NY Photo Series #3

File this in the “who doesn’t get this shot” section of my portfolio, but really, shame on me if I didn’t get some variation of this shot. The Met was incredible. It was sensory overload. It was magnificent, daunting, and intimidating. I hear it isn’t what it used to be, but I didn’t know theContinue reading “New York, NY Photo Series #3”

Positano, Italy Photo Series #4

Photography enthusiast readers — I don’t know why I like this so much, but it gives me that tickle under my skin every time I look at it, so I figured I’d put this one out into the blogo-verse. My hope is that someday I’ll understand technique enough that I’ll look back on the photosContinue reading “Positano, Italy Photo Series #4”

Practicing Photography: A Cat’s Worst Nightmare

To my familiars, Farkle and Zoe: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. The thing is, you get a new camera, or even just a new camera phone, and there’s a strong, powerful, compelling, irresistible urge to use it. But you’re in your house, on your couch, and there’s only so many shots of the upright pianoContinue reading “Practicing Photography: A Cat’s Worst Nightmare”

Day Trippin’: Algonac and Saint Clair, MI

“Comfort zone is a delusion.” ― Fahim Khan When I like something, I like to really like it. I go deep, all-in, especially if it’s something that I’ve been introduced to by someone I treasure. I like to think I surround myself with people of tantalizing taste — they don’t shift with the breezes of theContinue reading “Day Trippin’: Algonac and Saint Clair, MI”