Rediscovering Detroit: Mark Jewett and the Strategic Advisors

Well, that was a simply magical time.

Went back at the ole Berkley Coffee to check out a local music group that had posted their event in one of the social media groups I follow. I noticed that another musician I greatly admire was interested in this one, so I figured, what the hell? Even if I didn’t like the music, I would still be able to grab a nice cold N/A beer, work on my script analysis for the show I’m directing, and support my favorite local venue.

Instead, I spent the entire 2 hours of their performance absolutely spellbound by what this 6-piece band accomplished. Every musician was a master of their craft, bringing an energetic presence to every note. Each song was a little bit different, but passionately rendered, whether it be a cover or one of their many originals. And their sense of ensemble was unlike anything I’ve seen since pre-pandemic — incredible chemistry, respect, and joy seemed to emanate from the stage, and we all felt like we were part of it.

I don’t know what it is about performing in a small venue in front of a dozen people that brings out the best in some folks, but I have to say that those people are definitely my people.

More of this soon, I hope.

Shot on Pixel 6 Pro.

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