2022 Favorites – TV Series

Continuing my self-imposed 2022 review of on-screen entertainment, moving on from the big screen to the small.

I started making a top-five list of all episodic TV, but it was too much, so I’ve chosen the saner path of splitting this up. Today will be TV series (either there has been or there will be multiple seasons), and my next post will cover one-season, complete-storyline wonders.

Wouldn’t you know — I made this list relatively quickly, stream-of-consciousness style, then turned my logic brain back on to review it … and found myself feeling rather surprised. On first glance it seems all over the place, and a couple of them even took a minute for me to sync with their particular brand of art.

Then I took a second longer gaze, and realized that this group of five reveals quite a lot about me as a person.

This small group was my 2022, and if that’s not what top-five for the year lists are supposed to be about, I guess I really don’t understand top-fives at all. (Possible.)

Without further ado, here are the TV series that I’ve adored more than is probably healthy this year:

1. The Sandman
2. What We Do In The Shadows
3. Andor
4. Reservation Dogs
5. Abbott Elementary

Incredible writing, directing, performance, and just plain creative energy went into these fabulous stories, some if not much of it during the worst of the pandemic. My eternal thanks and awe for all involved.

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