2022 Favorites – Film

Because work is tres slow this week but I’m stuck here covering for my teammates, and many of my social streams are filling up with Top-5 lists, I have decided to try it out this year and see if it fits.

Today I’ll provide my top-5 most joyful cinematic experiences.

I have watched dozens of films on streaming platforms and gone to the movies more than half of all this year’s Tuesdays using my handy dandy Emagine membership to get almost-free popcorn and $5 seats. There have been many, many evenings where I was glad it was just a $5 tab. There are been a handful more where I felt $5 was just too darned expensive for what I’d just witnessed. Then there were those few moments that just completely blew me away.

Quick caveat: I’m speaking only for myself — this isn’t a “best for everyone” list. This is just a reflection of the right film, at the right time, for my critiquey brain that does its best to provide safety and comfort to my ever-fragile heart. Plus hopefully a little bit of objective analysis involved as well.

With that, here’s my list.

1. Official Competition
2. Elvis
3. Catherine Called Birdy
4. The Woman King
5. Everything Everywhere All At Once

Standing ovation to all the thousands of people involved, for a job very well done!

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