The Most Wonderful Shop of the Year

As someone who kinda gets grumpy when I have to go shopping, I feel uniquely qualified to say: Robot Supply and Repair is the ultimate best. Period.

I almost don’t want to give away what makes this place so awesome, because the reveal as I walked in the door without knowing anything about it — none less spoiled — just blew my mind and drenched my heartstrings.

It’s like a speakeasy, but instead of adult spirits it’s filled with spirits of goodness, kindness, and hope.

Then there was the charming volunteer at the desk, who shared a story with me about being similarly blown away. We both commisserated over how much we wish we’d learned about this place in our formative years.

So I guess my message is, click on the link if you’re curious, or just head to 115 E. Liberty in Ann Arbor and let the magic twinkle its way into your soul.

Proud to have places under my Christmas tree dedicated to what these guys are doing. So fraking cool.

Shot on Pixel 6 Pro.

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