Rediscovering Detroit: Mercury Salad

Lean in, and I’ll tell you a little secret: the music scene is Detroit is alive, well, and kicking serious tush.

Even more than I was giving it credit for.

I admit, I’d gotten into a happy little groove with my 3-4 performers to follow, and was content to focus my fangirl activities on this select circle of awesomeness. Then one of those musicians had the brilliant idea of doing a mixer at my favorite N/A cafe, Berkley Coffee — perhaps you’ve heard of it, I can’t seem to stop talking about this place — and my ears were treated to the enchanting croon of Brooke Ratliff, representing solo what is usually a “funky-bluegrassy acoustic four-piece”, according to LocalWiki.

Aye, there’s the rub. I’ve been trying to convince Google to help a girl out and access their website — — but it’s not happening for me. Behind some kind of firewall, or the domain is down, or I’m just repeatedly spelling it wrong each time I make the attempt.

That said, I have to say that LocalWiki has it right. Having listened to their Volume 3 CD about 20 times since they were handing them out for free when I saw Brooke perform, they are in fact funky, bluegrassy, and delightfully acoustic-y.

I’m also completely in sync with this overview from Soundcloud: “Mercury Salad has a simple approach to music: write tunes that make people groove and sing along, then get thirsty and buy more beer. Underneath that is a lot of thought about what makes a song catchy and memorable, and the discipline to keep things simple. Mercury Salad always delivers top-notch players and solid female vocals.”

Totally top-notch. Her voice, super solid.

Yet the gold standard is gonna go to their Facebook page, which simply says: “neat things and cool stuff. folky, funky, dreamy, pop-y”.

Not much more I can add to that, other than to say: wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Shot on Pixel 6 Pro.

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