Bull-horn’d and wand’ring thro’ the gloom of Night

Statue of the Goddess Diana – Philadelphia Museum of Art

I often balk when museum signs point out a spot and urge me to “take a photo here”, and all around me are tourists, each with their phone — or an actual camera, heaven forfend! — obeying said directions.

Maybe I don’t want to take this shot, I think to myself. Maybe I can find a better one, somewhere deep inside the walls of this place, that you’d least expect — certainly one that doesn’t have instructions for me to do so.

And yet … it’s Diana …

Shot on Pixel 6 Pro, black and white filter.

One thought on “Bull-horn’d and wand’ring thro’ the gloom of Night

  1. I like that shot quite a bit, and you’ve framed it in your own manner, and added one (of two) of your famous personal touches. As a (mostly) self taught contrarian photographer myself, I can attest that, one of the few downsides of diving further into the pursuit of photography as an interest, and hobby, is that “Maybe I don’t want that shot” voice does get louder, the further you travel down the road.

    Tho, to your point… It is Diana.

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