Model, Painter, Rebel

Spent the morning surrounded by the works of this force of nature, Suzanne Valadon — a much sought-after model who became an excellent painter in her own right (despite the protests of the male artists and bloated critics around her).

Among other fingerprints she placed in her art (which we could discuss at great length, if you’re feeling nerdy), her hallmarks included using herself as her own model in “self portrait” fashion (because why pay a model when you can grab a mirror), as in the above 3 shots which show her in her 30s, 40s, and ultimately her 60s. Other painters (in particular Renoir) painted her as angelically picturesque and doll-like, but I prefer her version: fierce confidence and unconventionally gorgeous features that leave his fantasies far behind.

I also stand by my opinion that the painting of the dog fits squarely in her self-portrait category.

Shot on Pixel 6 Pro at the Barnes Foundation.

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