Hotel Habits

I have a few rituals when I check into my temporary lodgings while on a faraway adventure, but today’s shot is dedicated to my two favorites.

First, I love to soak up that delicious emotion of not knowing where anything is, and having to feel your way around an often labyrinthine floor plan, where every turn of every corner provides a surprising (if not exactly attractive) view. As with many emotions, there has to be a word in some language for that sensation (and it’s probably Danish) because it’s just so distinct, and overwhelming, and dare I say, cool.

The other ritual is to take shots of the hotel stairway.

And if you’ve really mastered your hoteling savvy, you know that it’s best when the above two rituals meet. There’s no better time to explore than when your “where the heck am I” emotions are running at their peak, and those steps will never quite attract me again the way they do when I first encounter them, out of the blue, after several twists and turns to find the right door.

Ah, travel, how I love thee.

Shot on Pixel 6 Pro, black and white filter.

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