Welcoming Committee (Rome, Italy)

That tail. Those eyes. That wiggle!

It was our second day in Rome. We’d slept roughly the night before, but forced ourselves to get some sunlight and exercise (the cornerstone of our Anti-Jet-Lag Initiative). Cappuccinos consumed, we put on our comfy shoes, tightened the belts on our fanny packs, and headed out for adventure.

We started our ascent up a steep road, towards a park that my friend’s friend had recommended to us as a great place for a jog (or in my case, very leisurely walk). I had to stop every few feet to document our walk via photos, of course. In the middle of one such (most certainly annoying) pause, this charming, clearly domesticated little critter pranced up the walk, found just the right spot on my jeans to rub against again and again, and swiftly persuaded us to stop taking pictures of windows and doors. Time to try something a little fluffier.

As if the enthusiastic greeting weren’t adorable enough, this gorgeous feline turned on their super cute juice — reserved especially for wandering souls like ourselves, I’m sure — and dropped to the ground, almost a direct flop on their back, and proceeded to swish to and fro in the throes of ecstasy, as if already imagining the sweet, soft sensation of our fingers scratching its belly.

Bliss is everything, it seemed to say, in between gyrations of glee.

And being that we were on vacation and all, we decided not to contradict that sentiment. No reason to hurt our new friend’s feelings, and we had a strange feeling this cat might be onto something.

Shot on iPhone 8.

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