Weird Sites in Rome, Take Nine

We ventured on a long walk to the Colosseum, the final half-mile or so of which was all on the same stretch of road. There were large signs everywhere, pointing the way. But to be fair, the signs weren’t needed — we simply followed the crowd who all had the same idea as we did.

As we strolled along like the tourist sheep that we’d decided to be, we saw and heard multiple street guitarists singing and playing, taking advantage of the busy street in hopes of making a few bucks (or more). The fact that they were performing was not the weird part: it was the fact that they were all playing the exact same song: “Wish You Were Here”, by Pink Floyd.

ROME!!! You befuddle me.

A couple very brief bonus moments to share, since you’re here.

First, very early in our stroll toward our main attraction, we fell in behind a parade of brides. Like you do.

Second (and last), a snippet from the end of the day. Having lost our way for an hour or two, stumbling through low-lit alleys, and finally making it back to the district where we temporarily lived, we treated ourselves to a snack and a cocktail at the (very well-lit) bar across the street. Hats off to the folks responsible for naming the below concoction — I give it five stars for poetic accuracy. (Reason #2,688 to have a place to stay within walking distance.)

All photos shot on iPhone 8.

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