Weird Sites in Rome, Take Eight

The ceiling is falling! The ceiling is falling!

At the very least – the ceiling is perplexing!

I can’t quite wrap my brain around this particular design choice (although I find the 3D effect of this photo super fun). Perhaps it’s symbolic of the powers-that-be looming over you, lingeringly, able to crush you at a moment’s notice. The statues peering down certainly seem to support that theory.

Or perhaps I’m overthinking it, and they were just trying to be pretty.

Shot on iPhone 8, black and white filter.

2 thoughts on “Weird Sites in Rome, Take Eight

  1. What a strange design choice. It certainly doesn’t seem like it creates a space that you want to hang out in. Your framing on this shot is excellent. It is just off kilter enough that it conveys upon the observer the weird feeling that I assume goes along with standing in that room. Nicely done!

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