2 thoughts on “The View From My Saturday

  1. You’re getting very good with that Lumix. This is a fantastic collection of neighborhood street shots, that show off one of your most powerful tools – your fantastic natural eye. You “see” brilliant shots, and then you capture them. It sounds simple, but it is an essential element of being a photographer. You can’t teach someone to have an “eye” – you have it, or you don’t. You have it – in spades!

    You’ve captured a nice array of different types of shots here, showing off your range nicely. Excellent framing. Great use of both simple, and complex composition. Trademark beautiful lines, and depth. Great light and shadow work. Plus a little bit of cheekiness, which I am always a fan of.


I enjoy how these compare with your shots from more “exotic” locations. These prove that you don’t have to travel to exotic locales to get great shots. On the other hand, your other pics also demonstrate that you can get phenomenal shots in exotic locals, without shooting the touristy stuff, or by shooting it in your own unique manner. I love it! Great work!

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