Weird Sites in Rome, Take Seven

As grand as this doorway is, I have no idea why they placed that little square shaped atrocity up there. Is it a light? A smoke detector? An alarm? A time traveler’s portal? What the frak, Jack?

Many of my photos from Rome have this issue. I knew it would be a place where ruins creep up on you out of nowhere, in otherwise modern, urban surroundings. But I didn’t expect so much urbanization of the ruins themselves.

Rome is weird with a beard, man.

Shot on iPhone 8, black and white filter.

2 thoughts on “Weird Sites in Rome, Take Seven

  1. Another fantastic shot! I love the perspective, and it has your trademark excellent framing and composition. The mysterious small box, and leering cherubs are great added elements. Great work (per usual), and bonus points for the Firesign Theater reference!

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