Home Temporary Home (Rome, Italy)

Homebase – photo provided by author

Pro tip for wanderers: Take advantage of places where your friends are living. Often they will not only give you some insider information about places to visit, but also offer to hook you up with inexpensive (if not completely free) lodging for a few nights.

Advanced pro tip: If they are really good friends who happen to be going on their own trip at the same time that you were planning on visiting, you may find yourself getting their entire home to yourselves.

I knew my Women’s Walkabout companion and I were going to do our Italy adventure “on the cheap”, but I never expected that would entail having access to an entire apartment in the heart of the city. All for the low, low price of bringing in the mail and doing some basic cleaning up after ourselves.

I’d be hard-pressed to think of a more mind-blowing (not to mention a better quality-to-cost ratio) travel accommodation from any of my other vacations, in my entire lifetime.

Shot on iPhone 8, black and white filter.

5 thoughts on “Home Temporary Home (Rome, Italy)

  1. Love the picture. I can imagine that it would have an interesting look if you cropped to just below the first set of windows. Just shutters… I like the whole picture, but the shutters alone might create different sensations.

    I know. I’m strange.

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  2. Fantastic tips, and another awesome shot here! I adore the unique POV. Composition and depth is fantastic, per usual. I see Michael’s point about cropping to the shutters. It provides “cleaner” composition, but I adore the choice to include the elements in the bottom half of the photo. That is more in keeping with your personal “style”. The strong horizontal lines contrasts the symmetry of the top half of the photo perfectly. I like the mirrored line of the edge of the window and door. The number, the sign, and the word (“condominio”) all combine to give the shot a lovely sense of specific location. Beautiful work!

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