Jarmusch Junkies (Memphis, TN)

Bizarre things happen late at night.

When you’re just walking around aimlessly, not really trying to get anywhere except away from drunken crowds.

When you’ve just spent the past three days quoting from your favorite film set in Memphis, Mystery Train by Jim Jarmusch, and have forgotten to even look for the sites that were used for that filming.

But then, for no particular reason at all, without a whole lot of prelude or warning, you find yourself standing in front of a sign. And on the sign is a description of that very film, because just beyond it is the cafe. The one that featured so prominently in that very same, very brilliant work of art.

And of course, there is an abundance of Elvis insanity here as well. I’m less well-versed in that lore, but I suspect he must have stopped in here, although whether in “real life” or for a film, or both — I have absolutely no idea.

This was our final “official” stop on the Super Summer Southern Sizzler Tour, but it seemed a fitting way to go out. Hats off to the King, to serendipity, and to all 2500 miles.

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3 thoughts on “Jarmusch Junkies (Memphis, TN)

  1. This is yet another awesome example of kismet totally winning the day! I was so geeked when we (literally) stumbled onto the historic Arcade Restaurant (arcaderestaurant.com/history). I remember being suitably awed, and largely speechless. I was just as (perhaps more) excited about this experience, as I was for our trip to Graceland. I had no idea that we would literally turn a corner, and walk right into it (on our way to Earnestine & Hazels, I believe), or that it was even still open for that matter. This story is solid (and somewhat ironic) validation for the famous Jarmusch claim that – “You have to get lost, to get found”. It was a truly amazing tour! A once in a lifetime conglomeration of awesome experiences.

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