The Chair (Chelsea, MI)

Come sit, girl, and be happy – photo provided by author

One of my favorite aspects of street photography in the suburbs is the neighborhoods themselves are full of character. You can usually count on at least a few houses where the residents see their front yard as a place to express themselves: their beliefs, their ideas about beauty, and — well, their oddness.

It’s the oddness I love the most. Often represented in a mixture of unique style choices that somehow convey to the passerby exactly how the folks who live within wish to interact with you.

So I was delighted to encounter the house where the above shot was taken, just a block or two away from Main Street. Their choice of outdoor decor may just be the quintessential example of how oddness can manifest itself and create a delightful, hilarious, and charming experience for anyone who wanders past. Reminiscent of “The Giving Tree”, but with less unnecessary martyrdom.

I didn’t actually encounter the people who were responsible for this awesome choice, but in a way, I feel like I did.

Shot on Panasonic DC-ZS70, ƒ/4.6, 1/80, 13.2mm, ISO80

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6 thoughts on “The Chair (Chelsea, MI)

  1. I love this photo. I got one of my own, that is almost the same, but you used the branches in the foreground better than I did. Well done. I just assumed that it was someone’s Halloween display, that we encountered perhaps mid-dismantling, but I adore your thought that perhaps this is just how their yard is decorated year round!

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