Practicing Photography: A Cat’s Worst Nightmare

To my familiars, Farkle and Zoe: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

The thing is, you get a new camera, or even just a new camera phone, and there’s a strong, powerful, compelling, irresistible urge to use it. But you’re in your house, on your couch, and there’s only so many shots of the upright piano you can take before you want to find something more engaging. Something that perhaps moves, here and there. And if it moves and is adorable, well, super bonus points.

They do get irritated, though, especially after the thousandth time I’m thrusting my lens between their fluffy mugs and my face. It’s entirely possible there is no greater nemesis to my felines than the various screens I put between us.

And I can only imagine the Shakespearian level cursing going on in their superior kitty brains when they do something uber-cute like try in vain to squeeze themselves under the door to my home office, at which point I’m totally and utterly obliged (by my determination to be documenter of all things happening in my life) to capture their futile desperation for all my online friends to see.

Then there are the moments of Weird, where I simply can’t help myself. Photos must be taken.

Plus I simply must record, for posterity, what I see nearly every morning, and the last thing I typically see at night.

Although, let’s be real, and give credit where credit is due. Once in a long while, at the right time of day and when the feline feral brain is aligned just so, they get cute (or maybe just a little too tired to care) and enter “perfect model” mode.

What am I saying?! It’s all a ruse, so that I get a little too cocky and they can easily foil my attempts next time. Le sigh.

In the end, they’re just another Dynamic Duo who must suffer for their extreme levels of charming and awesome. C’est une tragedie, n’est-ce pas?

In closing, dear furry residents, thanks to you both for enduring my antics and I-have-a-new-hobby-and-I’m-not-afraid-to-use-it bad behavior. I promise I’ll do more day trips soon, so you get a reprieve from these atrocities that are interfering with your Zen.

Meanwhile … oh man, oh, so cute, hold it right there, let me just … get one more shot …

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