New York, NY Photo Series #2

Cafe Duke – photo provided by author

View from my tea at Cafe Duke, just down the street from my room at the Michelangelo. I ventured out for an early walk and breakfast to celebrate my first morning in New York.

It wasn’t my first time in the city, not by a longshot, but this was my first (and so far only) attempt at a whirlwind 4-day visit filled with oodles and oodles of theatre (“The Iceman Cometh” with Denzel Washington, “Three Tall Women” with Laurie Metcalf, and “Sleep No More” with nobody I knew but WOW what a show), plus a few boring museums (/snark).

I think I can put this one squarely in the “very good idea” column.

First post in this series is here.

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