NOLA Photo Series #2

Wife – photo provided by author

Growing up, I greatly enjoyed wandering through graveyards and reading all of the tombstones, in particular the crumbling, fading ones (not a vampire, but I could play one on TV). So it was a special thrill to converge my early experiments in photography with this long-standing hobby of mine, in one of the greatest cemetery cities in America. Shot on an iPhone 8.

First post of this series is here.

9 thoughts on “NOLA Photo Series #2

  1. Great photo! So may possibilities of the story behind this shoe on a grave marked “Wife.”

    I love New Orleans! So much culture and history! I love the spirit of the people who live there. I always liked wandering through cemeteries myself. I would try to find oddities like someone who was born or died on the same day, or someone who was born or died on my birthday.

    Thanks for sharing your art!

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