Petoskey, MI Photo Series #3

The Marina – photo provided by author

A touristy shot, but I had fun with my editing app. Shot on Panasonic DC-ZS70, f/3.3, 1/250, 4.30mm, ISO 80, black and white edits added in post.

#2 of this series is here.

#1 of this series is here.

7 thoughts on “Petoskey, MI Photo Series #3

  1. This is a phenomenal shot! If this is “touristy”, then the tourists that you hang out with, are better photographers than I have traditionally encountered on my own journeys. This is a brilliant use of lines, texture, composition, and depth. I adore the dynamic texture of the foreground. Add to that an amazing simultaneously curved, and leading line, which draws the eye in, and eventually artfully collides with your fantastic dutch angle horizon line. The often underused human element is a lovely touch (and very Heather). Ironically, the most “touristy” element of this photo, is the lighthouse, which you have essentially reduced to almost an after thought. The use of said after thought, to link your leading line, with your dutch angle horizon line, is a stoke of pure genius.

    Color me extremely impressed.

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    1. Wow, thank you so much! This is an awesome comment! I’m still skeptical that SO many other tourists have taken this same shot, but I too really love how the texture turned out, and I like how the rocks are pouring out at the viewer. My only regret is that I missed out on capturing the ducks (they were swimming behind those same rocks that I like so much).

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      1. That is fair. As much as I totally adore this shot, I can’t argue that a couple of ducks might have taken it to the next level. As you say – Always leave something undone.

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  2. I agree that there is definitely something there. Perhaps Loch Ness? Or perhaps just some brilliantly, well placed ducks… Well done, indeed!

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