Petoskey, MI Photo Series #2

Waterfront perspectives – photo provided by author

A different way to shoot Petoskey. Shot on Panasonic DC-ZS70, ƒ/3.6, 1/125, 5.8mm, ISO2500. Black and white filter.

Check out the initial post of this photo series here.

6 thoughts on “Petoskey, MI Photo Series #2

  1. This is another fantastic photo! Another “Heather Shot” to be sure.

    This is the opening shot of a Jarmusch scene. What follows is a still shot (camera on the ground), in which the feet of Tilda Swinton, Tom Waits, and/or Bill Murray, enter the frame, and then slowly walk out of it.

    The non-traditional framing is perfect. The depth is phenomenal – I love the use of the water, and the horizon line in the background. The pronounced contrasting lines are fantastic. The strong foreground is awesome. The arresting dutch angle is an excellent device.

    This is a still shot straight out of “Down by Law”, “Dead Man”, “Mystery Train” or “Permanent Vacation”.

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