NOLA Photo Series #1

Wandering the streets of NOLA – photo provided by author

I have several stories I can (and plan to) share from my visit to NOLA — don’t we all — but for today, I’ll share a sample of one of many photos I shot of New Orleans exteriors. In all my wanderings, I don’t think I have ever been so obsessed with windows — the lines, the curves, the unapologetic character of them all. Seriously, I think I have about 100 “window subjects”, each one completely different, and I utterly, weirdly, unabashedly adore them.

Shot with an iPhone 8, black and white filter.

15 thoughts on “NOLA Photo Series #1

  1. Super photogenic town. I adore this picture, and can’t wait to see more from your collection.

    This looks like a single frame lifted from a Jarmusch film, and you know how deep a compliment that is, coming from me. I also adore the very subtle inclusion of that can of Dr. Pepper – that’s a brilliant touch.

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  2. You have rekindled my interest in photography. Ideas percolating!.
    I had been contemplating a short visit to NOLA to visit one of my closest friends who lives in the French Quarter.
    Unfortunately she just sold her B&B and is moving back to Michigan. I did take a few door pictures the last time I was there.
    Thanks for sharing your gift.

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    1. That is the best compliment ever! I’m excited to see your work, and it means the world to me that your interest is rekindled. I have so much to learn, but meanwhile it has felt accessible and a wonderful means for self-expression.


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